Jade and Will

How Did We Meet

It was actually between the summer of Jade's freshman year and sophomore year of high school, and between Will's sophomore year and junior year of high school. Jade and an old friend would go to the mall often to walk around, get a cookie, and shop! Well one of the guys at the cookie company caught Jade's eye, and she would always refer to him as the "hot cookie guy." One day she went up all giddy, and he gave her a cookie for free. She was on cloud 9.

Fast forward to August, first day of school. Mr. Brune's English class. Jade & Will had that same class. He was actually kind of talking to one of her friends at the start of the semester, so Jade pretended she wasn't interested. A few weeks into that, the friend told her that he was "kind of weird" and was not interested. (Well turns out he was Jade's kind of weird). One day Will had to leave sick from English class, and asked Jade to write down his vocab words for him. Then that led to a friendship in October, and then turned into their love story on December 19th, 2008! They went to Ru Sans with Jade's parents, then went to Blockbuster (that's how old they are, there was blockbusters around) to rent "Layer Cake." Half way through the movie Jade heard "do you want to be my girlfriend?", and the rest is history.
Carolyn MacLaren