Her Side

It was the weekend that we annually go to Helen to celebrate Wills birthday! Him & I took that Friday off to go explore and just have an extra day together. It was a normal day, for me at least. I got up, had a shower, got ready, and we headed to drop our fur-babies off with my parents! My dad (who knew this was coming) hugged me as he always does and told us to have fun, I would not of guessed anything.
We went to lunch at The Burger Bus in Ballground. I thought it was weird when Will didn’t finish his lunch, he said he just wasn’t hungry (now I know why, nerves!). We then headed for the sunflower fields! I have been bugging him and bugging him FOR YEARS to take me, so he was finally taking me and I was super excited! We had such a fun drive up! Singing our hearts out and driving through the perfect mountain roads.
When we got there he grabbed the polaroid and we ventured out! Little did I know he was documenting our engagement with the polaroid the whole time! He kept randomly kissing me, and grabbing my hand and snapping pictures. I was already on cloud 9 because I was in a field of my FAVORITE flowers with my FAVORITE man!
After hundreds of pictures (not that much, but felt like it) I asked if he wanted to leave and head to the cabin we had for the weekend. He said, "no, let's check out that field over there before we leave." I was thinking to myself "wow he loves the sunflowers more than I thought he would!" We drove the car over to the last field, and started to explore. He was leading the way and was trying to find a cool row of sunflowers to go down for what he said was for a "photo op". We started walking down one, and he said "STOP, let me take a picture of you right there!" So he snapped a picture of me with the polaroid, and in that same spot 2 minutes later he proposed. He grabbed me, kissed me, then I walked a step or two and I heard "BABE!" I turned around he was down on one knee with the most BEAUTIFUL ring I have ever seen in my entire life. I do not remember the exact words because I just immediately blacked out and started to cry, HARD. I remember us kissing and hugging and him picking me up! This was the happiest moment in my life. He has made me the happiest woman over the past 9 years, but in that moment I was the happiest I have ever been. I get to spend forever with him.

His Side

For me, the "big day" started at about 10pm the night before. I waited for Jade to do anything that would distract her for a couple minutes. When she did I ran upstairs, super sneaky, got the ring out of my hiding spot and hid it in my car. Then I slept a solid 20 minutes before we loaded the car and left for Helen the next morning. We dropped off the animals at her parents then headed to lunch at the Burger Bus. I circled around a couple times to find a parking spot close to the resturant instead of parking in the lot a block away. The ring was basiclly in my cup holder so I wasn't letting the sucker out of my sight. After lunch we made our way to the sunflower farm. Freaking out just a little bit at this point. I dont know how she didn't see me keep reaching into the center console to make sure the ring was still there. Not sure where I thought it was gonna go but I probably checked to make sure it was still there every 37 seconds. When we got there I grabbed the ring and snuck it into my pocket. That's when I really started freaking out cause you could clearly see the ring in my pocket. Why the heck did I wear tight pants!?!?! So while we're walking around I am sure I looked pretty awkward becasue I was trying to hide my right pocket. I wanted to find the perfect spot on the farm to pop the question and was getting more nervous by the second. There were too many people around so I made Jade walk all the way to the other side of the farm with me. Pretty sure she was thinking something was up at this point becasue any other day I would have been ready to leave by then. But we finally found a spot where we were alone and I knew this was it. This was THE spot. I took the ring out of my pocket and held it while we walked around. I was a bit worried she'd see me holding it but I was ready to drop to a knee any second. I made her pose in front of the flowers and snapped a picture. The poloroid spit out the picture and I decided that was the moment,I counted down from 3...Then counted down from 3 again.. Then counted up to 3..then 4,5,6,7... then a minute or 2 passed and i was still standing there thinking holy crap, Im about to be engaged. This amazing, beautiful woman that is everything to me is gonna be my wife. I couldn't wait another second! By then it had been a minute since i had said anything and jade had started heading towards the car. I grabbed her by the arm, spun her around and gave her a kiss. She giggled a bit and turned back around. I yelled BABE!! then dropped to a knee. I asked, "will you marry me?" She responded. It wasn't a Yes. More like the sound one of our dogs' squeaky toys makes. But I was cool with that. Squeaks were just as good as a Yes!
Carolyn MacLaren