Wedding Party

Tonya Murphy

Maid of Honor

Sister of the bride! Tonya has been a huge part in the brides life, ever since she was born. Even though the bride moved from Ireland, they kept the strongest relationship. Distance cannot ruin a bond so strong. The bride knew she needed to be right by her side to support her through this, as she has supported her with everything else in the brides life!

Jessica Thornton

Maid of Honor

"Hey i like your tattoo, did it hurt?" That's the question the bride asked that kicked off this amazing friendship. Freshman year at KSU outside of chemistry class. Jessica has been such a huge support system to the bride and has been by her side through many seasons. The bride knew she had to break the rules and add another Maid of Honor because a friend like Jessica deserves that title.

Jenni Cunningham


AH! Almost a 10 year friendship, that has been through it all. The friendship is as stronger as ever, and the bride is so thankful to have a friendship with so much depth. Whether it is talking all day every day, to making each other laugh when they need it, they can always count on each other to be there for one another, NO MATTER WHAT. The bride could not imagine a day without Jenni in her life. She never wants to. Forever besties.

Pawn Price


This girl has been by the brides side since freshman year in Highschool! She was one of the only good things that came from Sprayberry! Her and the brides friendship is so strong, and they are always there for each other no matter what. Pawn can always be counted on to be honest, reliable, and loving. Who doesn't need someone like her in their lives? The bride knew she would not be able to make it through the day without her by her side.

Abby Carr


Sister of the groom! Abby has been a huge support system to the bride & groom through their love story. Abby is always there for double dates, girl talks, and whatever else! She is so fun and loving, the bride could not make it through the day without her help, and the groom couldn't imagine the day without his sister a part of it!

Adrienne Achille


Adrienne & the bride share one unique trait, they are both psych nerds. When they roomed together in San Francisco they hit it off immediately. They bonded over getting dopamine tattoos (temporary ones, obviously), lemon drop shots, and geeking out over meeting Philip Zimbardo. Adrienne has been such a great friend to the bride and has such a caring heart. It is hard not to need a friend like Adrienne in your life!

Danielle Chaney


The bride and Danielle have been friends since the brides freshman year in Highschool. Danielle and the groom have been friends since early middle school! She has been in both the bride and grooms life for so long, that she is family. Her and the bride hit it off in cosmetology class, and Danielle helped the bride through that awkward teenage year everyone has. She has been such a huge support system in the brides life, that she couldn't imagine the day without her standing up there with her.

Alexis Lummus


BESTIES! Alexis is one of the bride's best friend. Her and the bride met during college, and have been the best of friends for a couple of years. They finish each other sentences, know what each other are thinking without saying a word! They have the same sense of humor which makes their friendship so fun!

Samantha Moore


Samantha and the bride became instant friends when they were put in the same department at work. Over the last 3 years their friendship has grown into something probably no one understands because only them two are that weird. Samantha is such a genuine, caring, loving soul. The bride knew she couldn't get through the day without Samantha! There is never a dull moment around Samantha, and the bride is so happy to have her by her side.

Laney Wilson


Cousin of the Groom! However, from the first day they met, her and the bride have been cousins/friends/family. The bond may of been sharing the same last name, but with a kind hearted girl like Laney, its hard not to be friends! Even though she lives in Texas, her and the bride still find time to touch base when needed and keep each other informed with anything and everything! She means the world to both the bride and groom, and means the world to them she will be apart of this day with them.

Mollie Dunne

Flower Girl/Child

Princess Mollie! She has stolen the heart of both the bride & groom ever since she was born. Could not imagine a more perfect flower girl!

Max Sanches

Best Man

Max is the grooms older brother! Of course he would be the best man! He has been such a role model to the groom all their lives, and the groom looks up to him in so many ways. They share a love of whiskey, mountain biking, and the outdoors! He is such a big part of the grooms life and is loved so much by both the bride and groom.

Weaver Baltes-Bearden


Oh Weaver. Where to start with this one. He is so loved by the bride and groom and over the years has turned into family. Weaver is an amazing friend to both the bride and groom, and irreplaceable. Wherever Weaver is, the party is.

Patrick Cunningham


Will was part of a little crew growing up, called PBC! That meant, Patricks Basement Crew. It was made up of a few guys who were so close. The crew had some great memories in that basement, and they have been best friends ever since. Patrick has been a great friend and role model to the groom for years, and he couldn't imagine the day without him.

Jon Willig


Jon was part of the PBC also! Jon was one of the goofiest and craziest within the crew. The groom and the guys in the crew would squeeze into Jon's truck and ride around on Barrett Parkway thinking they were trhe coolest. As they grew and college got in the way, the friendship was still strong. The groom couldn't imagine the day without Jon by his side.

Franky Le


Franky and the groom have been getting into trouble together for almost 15 years. Franky is one of the grooms closest friends. Franky is a spunky dude, and is always up for a good time! The bride and groom couldn't imagine their day without him a part of it

Aaron Murphy


Aaron is a brother to the bride. They have been besties since diapers, and grew up together. They are technically cousins, but the bond is so strong, they call each other brother and sister. He has such a big heart, and is so loving. He can also bring the party whenever needed. The bride and groom are so happy he is traveling 4000 miles to be able to stand up there with them.
Carolyn MacLaren